The RO Industry



"Connected people…working together…innovating for a sustainable future"

Recycled Organics is not just about green waste and compost. Recycled Organics is not just a waste management issue. Recycled Organics is about products and markets produced from organic waste and byproduct materials from all industries.

The Recycled Organics Industry is about resource management and allocation, with particular focus on greenhouse, renewable energy and land management (acidity, alkalinity, sodicity, salinity, low carbon, degraded soils).

The most urgent task of the recycled organics industry is the valuation of C, either for land management, or renewable energy or both. The source of the organic raw material is no longer the issue - it is valuing the asset, and ensuring the most sustainable and complete utilisation of the resource. The Recycled Organics industry encompasses a wide range of stakeholders and industries with diverse requirements.

The Recycled Organics Conference Series was established to provide the forum for connecting people from these diverse Industry groups to work together and innovate for a sustainable future.

The Conference Series commenced with the 1st National Conference "Expanding the Horizons" in at Coolum 1999. (Denise - you could add a hyperlink here)

The 2nd National Conference "Products, Processes and Partnerships" will be held at the University of Queensland Gatton Campus on 26-28th September 2001. (you could add another hyperlink here)